Frequently Asked Questions


What does Videofluent do?

We produce videos for corporate clients, educational institutions and nonprofits. We also train and coach people in high stakes performance and presentation, especially on camera.

How do I know what kind of video will work best?

We are experts in designing and making videos that attain the desired outcome and engage audiences. We’ll do this in close consultation with you.

What can we do about on-camera nerves?

After filming, interviewing and coaxing performances out of hundreds of people worldwide, we are very used to settling nerves and getting a great result on screen.We also offer specific coaching in high stakes performance and presentation.

How do I get the most out of my video?

We not only make videos – we use them in our own marketing and sales. Therefore we can offer you expert solutions when it comes to analytics, web hosting and all the challenges involved.

Why should I choose Videofluent rather than one of the other dozens of video production companies?

We’re not about whizz bang graphics or slick motion effects (though we can do those if required). What makes a difference in film and video is emotion and empathy, and that’s where our filmmaking shines. That is the way you capture an audience.